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The presentation of Min2 at the Architecture Biennale in Venice 2016

To be seen at Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova #3659 Venezia from May 28th until November 27th, 2016

This year the exhibition is called: Dialogue between Urbania and Arcadia, and is inspired by the conditions of living in Urbania and Arcadia. While Arcadia is the place for self-reflection and living in harmonized balance, in Urbania people are living in a urban context and receive an immersive input from one’s surroundings. Through setting up the dialogue between these two opposites, we analyze the different qualities of the environment within and between these realms.

We want to interact with the visitors through a journey; visualizing an imaginary range of landscapes, illustrated on a four meter wide canvas as being a piece of art, while projecting our thoughts through sketches, images and models. Supported by a soundscape of different sceneries.

We insert our contemporary housing types:
the tiny houses, from the Dune house Collection,
the Joy-n houses, inspired by our houses for refugees,
the loft houses, inspired by the original Dune house.

Additionally we invite the spectator to join us in the dialogue, through an interactive application, which will become a shared database. You can enter this dialogue on the webpage: www.q.min2.eu starting at the 28th of May 2016.

On the image you find the locations where the Biennale is located in the center of Venice. The Min2 exhibition is located in Palazzo Mora in Cannaregio.

The Min2 exhibition ‘The dialogue between Urbania and Arcadia’ contains:

- the mixed media collage/drawing/model,
- two IPads with interactive content,
- a video and a sound composition.

Jetty and Maarten Min give thanks to the Min2 team of 2016:
Adrien Brion, France; Roland Drieënhuizen, The Netherlands, Karla Surac, Croatia; Raffi M. Minaskan, The Netherlands and Leonard Thierry, The Netherlands.

And the financial support of Daas Baksteen and Rijnja Repro, The Netherlands.

Venice biennale 1